Learn how you can use our APIs and SDK to integrate Simpler anywhere

Use our APIs to integrate the Simpler Checkout button in any platform you use for your storefront. Our solution enables you to decouple your storefront from your store's backend, allowing you to place checkout buttons where it matters most, whether this means a different storefront, an online ad or even a physical location.

Before you begin

Simpler works in a headless manner, meaning that your storefront is decoupled from where the checkout button appears.
Your customers supply their information to the Simpler platform, which will handle their checkout journey including payment and all the required information is relayed back to your backend through the Sever-to-Server (S2S) Integration.

This leads to a two-step approach when implementing the integration for your platform, that starts with the S2S integration, that will enable the Simpler platform to communicate with your backend to retrieve product catalog information & pricing as well as submit the completed orders for further processing.
After the S2S integration is completed and validated, you can continue to implement our headless checkout solution via our SDK (for online checkouts) or QR Codes (for physical checkouts).

Server-to-Server Integration

The Server-to-Server integration involves the implementation of JSON API endpoints on your system that the Simpler Platform will be able to trigger in order to retrieve information about your products and submit information about Simpler orders.

You can follow our Checkout API guide for a complete guide on how to implement these endpoints

Headless Checkout

After you've implemented and validated the Server-to-Server integration you have two options:

  • Use our SDK to render a Simpler Checkout button.
  • Issue QR Codes for use in physical locations through our Seller Dashboard.

What’s Next

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