Sandbox Testing

If you use a Staging (or Sandbox) system to test changes to your Magento instance before moving to production, you can request a set of sandbox credentials from our Integrations Support team in order to be able to test the end-to-end experience of Simpler Checkout.

In order to issue the sandbox credentials you will need a publicly-accessible, TLS-secured magento instance URL to share with our integrations team, since each set of credentials is bound to a single URL.

After retrieving the credentials you can navigate to Store > Configuration > Simpler Checkout > Credentials in your admin panel and input them there.

You will also need to toggle the "Sandbox" setting in the General Settings tab to "Yes" :

Last you will need to authorize the Simpler Sandbox Integration to ensure that Simpler can communicate with your store. You can find the integrations list by clicking on "Integration Status" in the General Settings page and following the "Take me to the integrations list" link.